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Upcoming negotiations trigger the most diverse reactions in people. They range from anticipation to panic. Most of these emotions stand in the way of a successful negotiation. In many cases, it has therefore proven useful to assign the conduct of the talks to a negotiation manager who can block out emotions and back stories and concentrate rationally on achieving the negotiation goals – so that at the end of the negotiation there is only one feeling: Satisfaction. Of course, joint action can also be useful if this is conducive to the successful outcome of the negotiation.


So that you can act

Not everyone is made for skillful negotiation. Either personality traits can stand in the way of negotiating success – you either act too dominant or not self-confident enough – or you simply feel uncomfortable in the negotiating situation and would like to escape it quickly. All these conditions do not help to achieve the best result. Emotional preloads can also have a negative influence on a negotiation from the very beginning. And this is exactly where it makes sense to get external support. With the help of TrustForce, you can achieve undreamt-of success. Numerous examples from a wide range of industries prove the economic benefits of outsourcing. Fill out the contact form and find out without obligation how you can achieve more for your business. In this way, you can avoid bad negotiation results and achieve the satisfaction that should be at the end of a good negotiation.


Achieve above-average success by delegating to unencumbered negotiation experts

Time Saving

Gain valuable time and focus for your essential activities


Stay in the background during sensitive negotiations and act from a neutral position

Checklist for you/your company:
TrustForce is the right choice for you if …


you need additional expertise for an important negotiation


you want to outsource negotiation expertise for capacity reasons


you do not want to appear in public (discretion)


for emotional reasons a mediator can bring you added value


a role play can help tactically in the negotiation


the negotiation is to be conducted anonymously


you are looking for a success-based partnership (partial payment only in case of success)


the negotiations are deadlocked

Dirk Kemmerling

About me

I have been working as an entrepreneur and consultant for many years. My team and I are happy to support you in a wide range of negotiation issues from tactics to strategy. My core competences include
  • Contract negotiations of any kind
    • Rental agreements
    • Credit agreements
    • Purchase/sale of assets and/or company shares
    • Purchase/sale of goods and services
  • Business initiation
  • Due diligence support
  • Fluent in negotiations, also in English

As a client, you benefit from my many years of experience, empathy and sensitivity in business relationships in German and English-speaking countries.

Essential for negotiating success is the ability to “read” the counterpart, i.e. to understand the intention and objective behind the verbal message. This strength, in combination with my negotiation techniques, leads to exceptionally good negotiation results. Other building blocks of my negotiation code are a winning, sympathetic appearance in combination with the right dose of creativity in conducting the conversation. My large network of experienced experts from a wide range of sectors is particularly beneficial for a wide variety of projects.

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„I have worked very efficiently with Dirk Kemmerling in a joint project. Dirk Kemmerling’s approach was always professional, open and empathetic. This is how we overcame many hurdles and brought this joint project to a great, long-term success, which has received a lot of positive attention in the area of sponsoring and advertising “

Prof. Christoph Schickhart, Rechtsanwalt